Todd Landman Academic Magician
December 22, 2017Todd Landman



Crisp leaves in Dodnash wood
Fingers of light spread their good
Creatures nestle, ground does freeze
While pine, birch, and fern do breeze

Forked paths and sinewed earth
Nature's bounty beyond all worth
Mother and son again do bond
A journey across the pond

Father's presence is well felt
Two souls warmed in his pelt
Gentle talk and deep reflection
Of lives fully led with conviction

Fields are brown in anticipation
For spring's new implantation
But for now a kindly walk
And gentle contemplation

Hare, badger, squirrel gone
Bees and flies still undone
Frosty crunch under foot
Laces loose on each boot

Light low and pinkly calm
Descending cold and branches bare
A warm hearth ends their roam
Food, love, and laughter they do share



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