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An Academic

Todd Landman is Professor of Political Science, Executive Director of the Rights Lab Beacon of Excellence, and Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham (2015-2023). He has a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania (1988), an MA in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University (1990), an MA in Political Science from the University of Colorado Boulder (1993), and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Essex (2000). He was previously Professor of Government and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Essex.

Arizona State University Human Rights Conference

He is author of Citizenship Rights and Social Movements (Oxford University Press 1997), Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics (Routledge 2000, 2003, 2008, 2017), Governing Latin America (Polity 2003), Protecting Human Rights (Georgetown University Press 2005), Studying Human Rights (Routledge 2006), Measuring Human Rights (Routledge 2009), Human Rights and Democracy (Bloomsbury 2013), and The Rights Track: Sound Evidence on Human Rights and Modern Slavery (Anthem Press 2022). He is editor of The Sage Handbook of Comparative Politics (Sage 2009), Human Rights, Volumes I-IV (Sage 2009), and Real Social Science (Cambridge University Press 2012).

In addition to these books, he is author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals on the systematic study of development, democracy, and human rights, host of the award-winning podcast series The Rights Track, and has worked in over 50 countries around the world for a large number of inter-governmental organisations, government agencies, non-governmental agencies, and private companies on measuring and analysing leadership, democracy, and human rights. He is the Senior Independent member of the Council of the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

A Magician

Todd Landman started performing magic in 1977 in the United States. He was Member of the Magician's Alliance of Eastern States (MAES) and a member of The Keystone Conjurors in Pennsylvania. He performed all through the years of his formal education (1984-2000), and now performs professionally for a wide range of events, functions, theatres, private clients, corporate clients, and charities. He has consulted for ITV's Midsomer Murders and was an expert witness for a legal case against a street magician.

He has performed for NBC Universal in London and Amsterdam, the European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in Vienna, the Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln, the International Magic Festival in London, the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR), and Comic Relief at The Cut Theatre in Halesworh in Suffolk. He performs as part of senior leadership events, combining the psychology and psychometrics of leadership with magic. He staged and livestreamed a blind folded bicycle ride around Highfield Lake at the University of Nottingham to raise money for brain tumour research.

  • Associate of the Inner Magic Circle (AIMC) with Silver Star
  • Founder and Lifetime Honorary Member of the British Society of Mystery Entertainers (BSME)
  • Member of the Society of American Magicians (SAM)
  • Member of the Board (Ambassador) of the Association de Magiciens Internationaux (AMI) - Ad Arcana Tutanda
  • Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)
  • Visiting Professor of Performance Magic, University of Huddersfield
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Performance Magic
Mindful Magic, Asylum Steampunk Festival

An Academic Magician

Todd Landman combines his academic and magical interests to provide a unique blend of Academic Magic that educates, baffles, and entertains, all at the same time. Using magic as a medium for communicating big ideas, his style of performance magic explores deep philosophical, scientific, historical, and other enduring questions concerning the human condition in a highly inter-active, engaging, and entertaining way.

Haunted, Djanogly Theatre
  • An Evening of Metaphysical Magic
  • An Evening of Enchantment
  • Beyond the Veil of Ignorance
  • Then and Now
  • A Magic Menagerie
  • Edge of the Unknown
  • Subversion
  • Mindful Magic
  • Scrambling Your Mind
  • Defying the Elements
  • Haunted
  • The Orne Experiments
  • Alienism
  • The Magic of Leadership
  • Truth

He is the creator of many magical effects, routines and products, and is editor of The Magiculum and The Magiculum II, volumes of essays on the theory and philosophy of performing deeply meaningful magic and mystery entertainment for discerning audiences in a variety of performance settings. He has a number of videos from his different shows and repertoires.

Truth, Doomsday 13

He has lectured for The Magic Circle in London, the East Coast Spirt Sessions in Myrtle Beach, Doomsday in Whitby, various Tabula Mentis meetings of the British Society of Mystery Entertainers in London, Huddersfield, and Hitchin, the Hull Circle of Magicians, The Ipswich Magical Society, Luca Volpe Mentalism Productions in Italy, The Pentacle Club in Cambridge, the Sussex Society of Magicians, and the Circle of Mexican Magicians in Mexico City. In 2103, for his dedication to the development of mystery entertainment, he was awarded the title Chancellor of Mystery by the British Society of Mystery Entertainers. He is a member of the Board and Ambassador for the Association de Magiciens Internationaux and Vice President of the International Assembly of the Society of American Magicians.

He lives and studies magic, mentalism, and mystery entertainment in his very own Magiculum in the Park Estate in Nottingham.

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