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Human Rights Research Podcasts

In this podcast series, Dr Todd Landman talks about his work on studying human rights. He has worked for over 20 years on the measurement and analysis of human rights, and here he shares insights into the systematic study of human rights. The podcasts are informal and aimed to raise awareness about human rights analysis for students, academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the field of human rights. The first podcast was released on 1 September 2014 and will be followed on a weekly basis thereafter for six weeks. Each podcast can be accessed by clicking on the titles below.

  1. Social Science-Methods-Human-Rights (Part I)
  2. Social Sciene-Methods-Human-Rights (Part II)
  3. Economic Geography and Human Rights
  4. Naming and Framing: A Human Rights Experiment
  5. Empirical Methods and Normative Questions
  6. Human Rights and Democracy: The Precarious Triumph of Ideals

These podcasts have been recorded and edited by Christine Garrington, Research Podcasts. For more human rights podcasts, visit The Rights Track, a web resource funded by the Nuffield Foundation featuring podcasts with leading human rights scholars around the world.

Christine Garrington of Research Podcasts working with Dr Todd Landman

Christine Garrington of Research Podcasts working with Dr Todd Landman

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Podcast

In this podcast, Dr Todd Landman discusses his Knowledge Transfer Partnership on measuring corporate values. The project is funded by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board, TSB) and brings together the academic knowledge of the University of Essex with the business experience of Glowinkowski International, a Colchester-based management consulting company. The project team includes Dr Todd Landman (Professor of Government and Executive Dean, University of Essex), Dr Steffen Boehm (Professor of Management, Essex Business School), Dr Steve Glowinkowski (Founder and Managing Director, Glowinkowski International), Dr Kali Demes (KTP Research Associate), and David Physick (Principal Consultant, Glowinkowski International).

Essex News Story on the KTP and Link to the Podcast



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