Todd Landman Academic Magician

Edge of the Unknown

'There is nothing that man fears more than the touch of the unknown. He wants to see what is reaching toward him and to be able to recognise or at least classify it. Man always tends to avoid physical contact with anything strange.'

Elias Canetti, 1960

Dr Todd Landman has joined forces with Paul 'Reader of Minds' Voodini to create a hugely entertaining show that explores unknown worlds through statistical probability, philosophical reflection, psychological profiling, and an appeal to more esoteric realms of magic and mystery.

Highly interactive and engaging throughout, the show will have you on the edge of your seat with your jaw in your lap as these two Masters of Mystery Entertainment take you on an inexplicable journey.

Move over Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle, the Edge of the Unknown is within your grasp!

Deduction, deception, or something more? (Photo: Richard Hammerton)

Audience Feedback from the show:

"Edge of the Unknown was pretty spectacular. It was not acting or a play, it was mystery entertainment."

"Sherlock fans would love it!"

"[T]hey ... left me feeling quite scared"


11 May 2012

Headgate Theatre

14 Chapel Street North
CO2 7A

29 June 2012

Three Minute Theatre

Afflecks Arcade
Oldham Street
Manchester M1 1JG
0161 834 4517

13 October 2012

Milton Theatre [SOLD OUT]

Milton Building
The University of Huddersfield
01484 472904

For more information, please contact:

Dr Todd Landman
Paul Voodini
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