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September 1, 2011Todd Landman

Magic in the Emerald City

Seattle is a seriously cool city!

Just a few blocks from my hotel is the Pike Place Market, which for those of you who have not been to the city is a wooden fish and produce market in the old style. But the fish and produce stalls have been joined by so many other shops and stalls that seem to celebrate all that is good with global diversity and human creativity.

One can get lost in the catacombs of the market and three floors of shops are distributed in a labyrinthine way with many twists and turns. Lunch at the Sound View comprised a fine BBQ salmon sandwich overlooking the Puget Sound.

Around the market are more shops and the original Starbucks. Outside on the street was an amazing blues trio called The Millionaire's Club, featuring a Dobro player, a double bass, and clarinet...all suitably decked out in trad gear and playing smooth sounds...

The highlight for me, though, was a visit to the amazing Market Magic Shop, run by the talented and mysterious Sheila Lyon. Part magician, part politician, and part roving entertainer, Sheila has a warmth and magical glow about her that is bound to make any one feel special.

I was welcomed into the shop with open arms and before you could say abracadabra, my picture and short blog was posted about my arrival. Nice!

Looking forward to the many other delights this city has on offer!

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