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April 13, 2022Todd Landman

Memories, Objects, and Hope

As part of my ongoing work with MCAT project 'I Am My Dignity' with researchers at the University of Nottingham, I am delighted to be bringing my magic back to the New Vic Theatre in Staffordshire on 6 May 2022.

We have extended our 'cultural animation' approach and magical methods from our previous work with women in post-conflict Philippines to work with post-conflict women in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In this performance and dissemination event, we will concentrate on memories and hope, as expressed through the reflection on objects that connect people in meaningful and cross-cultural ways.

These three themes of memories, objects, and hope will be on full magical display as we explore the feelings and thoughts of our research community, while exploring what this community thinks about the notion of 'futurity.'

The Magiculum 2022

We will explore how simple photographs, dice, books, keys, letters, watches, coins, cups, balls, and finger rings evoke strong memories and can come together around a sense of hope for the future. The performance will use such every day objects to bring surprise and wonder to our audience, while at the same time allow us to pause and contemplate key lessons about empowerment and context.

The disruptive and questioning impact of magic and mystery entertainment provide a wonderful way to communicate our findings and to evoke new thoughts and insights about the human condition.

This is academic magic at its finest.

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