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Current Research

Todd Landman is involved in a number of research projects relating to development, democracy and human rights.

His most well known research involves the quantitative analysis of human rights. This research adopts the view that human rights advocacy can be advanced through systematic analysis of data combined with legal analysis in ways that draw on the tools of the disciplines of economics, political science, and international relations. For more on social science approaches to studying human rights, please see the Podcast Series.

The aims and objectives of this research are to:

  • to enhance our understanding and methods for measuring human rights
  • provide a greater understanding of the spatial and temporal variation in human rights
  • to specify formal models for understanding the public goods aspects of human rights
  • to understand the appeal of human rights through the logic of market analysis
  • to analyse the economic benefits of greater rights protection
  • use experimental design to explore different aspects of human rights perceptions

Research outputs on the systematic analysis of human rights:

  1. Todd Landman (2016) ‘Rigorous Morality: Norms, Values and the Comparative Politics of Human Rights,’ Human Rights Quaterly, 38 (2016): 1-20.
  2. Todd Landman (2015) ‘Democracy and Human Rights: Explaining Variation in the Record,’ in Joe Foweraker and Dolores Trevizo (eds) Democracy and Its Discontents in Latin America, Roman and Littlefield (forthcoming).
  3. Todd Landman (2014) ‘Human Rights Concepts and Comparative Politics’ in Tony Spanakos and Francisco Panizza (eds) Conceptual Comparative Politics, London: Routledge.
  4. Todd Landman and Thomas Scotto (2014) 'Naming and Framing: Guatemala, Genocide and the Trial of Ríos Montt,' Paper prepared for the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington DC, 28-31 September 2014.
  5. Todd Landman (2014) ‘Social Science, Methods and Human Rights’ in Mark Gibney and Anja Mihr (eds) The Sage Handbook of Human Rights, London: Sage.
  6. Anita Breuer, Todd Landman and Dorothea Farquhar (2014) ‘Social Media and Protest Mobilization: Evidence from the Tunisian Revolution,’ Democratization, April: 1-29
  7. Todd Landman (2013) ‘A Most Unlikely Case: Chile, Pinochet and the Advance of Human Rights,’ Revista Politíca, 51 (2): 37-55.
  8. Todd Landman and Anita Gohdes (2013) ‘A Matter of Convenience: Challenges of Non-Random Data in Analyzing Human Rights Violations during Conflicts in Peru and Sierra Leone’ in Taylor Seybolt, Jay Aronson and Baruch Fishoff (eds) Counting Civilian Casualties, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  9. Todd Landman (2013) ‘Measuring Human Rights’ in Michael Goodhart (ed) Human Rights: Politics and Practice, 2nd edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 363-379.
  10. Gohdes, Anita and Landman (2012) ‘Systematic Unexplained Variance of Standards-Based Human Rights Measures,’ Paper prepared for the Workshop on ‘Comparative Observation with Numbers – A critical assessment of standards-based human rights measures’, Blankenbach, 26-27 October 2012.
  11. Todd Landman, David Kernohan and Anita Gohdes (2012) ‘Relativising Human Rights,’ Journal of Human Rights, 11:4, 460-485.
  12. Todd Landman and Marco Larizza (2009) ‘Inequality and Human Rights: Who Controls What, When, and How,’ International Studies Quarterly, 53 (3): 715-736.
  13. Todd Landman (2009) Human Rights, Volumes I-IV, London: Sage Publications.
  14. Todd Landman and Edzia Carvalho (2009) Measuring Human Rights, London: Routledge.
  15. Todd Landman (2006) ‘Holding the Line: Human Rights Defenders in the Age of Terror’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Volume 8 : 123-147.
  16. Todd Landman (2006) Studying Human Rights, London: Routledge.
  17. Todd Landman (2005) Protecting Human Rights: A Comparative Study, Washington DC: Georgetown University Press.
  18. Todd Landman (2004) ‘Measuring Human Rights: Principle, Practice, and Policy,’ Human Rights Quarterly, 26: 906-931.
  19. Joe Foweraker and Todd Landman (1999) ‘Individual Rights and Social Movements: A Comparative and Statistical Inquiry’, British Journal of Political Science, 29 (1999): 291-322.
  20. Joe Foweraker and Todd Landman (1997) Citizenship Rights and Social Movements: A Comparative and Statistical Analysis, Oxford: Oxford University Press, paperback edition 2000.

Human Rights Atlas

This is a project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) (Project Grants; ES/J000728/1 for 2011-2012 and ES/K00803X/1 for 2013-2014). The project combines a global data base of human rights and other indicators with a interactive web interface that maps the data. The extended project will add functionality to the pages and involve two new partners, FLACSO Mexico and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. The website is available here:

Human Rights Atlas Data

Rights Track Podcast Series

I am working with Christine Garrington from Research Podcasts and Paul Groves, a web designer, on a Nuffield-funded project we call The Rights Track: Sound Evidence on Human Rights. The project brings together a series of podcasts that I will host with leading empirical researchers around the world working on human rights problems. Our focus is on those scholars that bring rigorous social science approaches to the study of enduring human rights problems. The site will not only contain the podcasts themselves, but also additional background and supportive information for each podcast.

Follow us on twitter @RightsTrack

Articles and Data Files

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Dr Todd Landman is part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership on measuring corporate values. The project is funded by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board, TSB) and brings together the academic knowledge of the University of Essex with the business experience of Glowinkowski International, a Colchester-based management consulting company. The project team includes Dr Todd Landman (Professor of Government and Executive Dean, University of Essex), Dr Steffen Boehm (Professor of Management, Essex Business School), Dr Steve Glowinkowski (Founder and Managing Director, Glowinkowski International), Dr Kali Demes (KTP Research Associate), and David Physick (Principal Consultant, Glowinkowski International).

Global Values Indicator (GVI) Website

Final Report on KTP Values Pilot Study - University of Essex




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