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Magic Menagerie

I am really excited for my new show, which draws on my lifelong love of magic and my deep appreciation of historical mysteries, the unexplained, and the unknown.

Coming in 2015, The Magic Menagerie is a parlour show steeped in mysteries from a bygone era, where lives crossed paths, people disappeared from social life, and deception was commonplace.

The show will have its debut on 7 February 2015 at the Milton Theatre in Huddersfield, a perfect venue housed in a converted Victorian church with an intimate seating arrangement for full participation.


Academic Magic comes to life!

Yesterday I had the honour and privilege of performing my show Then and Now as part of the alumni weekend and launch of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Essex.

I performed twice yesterday for a total audience of 400 people in the magnificent Lakeside Theatre. The show was designed around the idea of highlights of our academic strengths over the last 50 years, including politics, mathematics, memories, history, literature, human rights, and philosophy. The show covered a wide terrain of ideas reminiscent of times at university, as well as enduring themes and concepts that have importance in our everyday lives.


The audiences comprised Essex alumni from the last 50 years, staff and colleagues (current and past) and current students. We had wonderful interactions, laughter, surprises, uncanny demonstrations of mind reading and precognition, and downright magic which will be hard to repeat. The atmosphere was electric and filled with what has become known as The Essex Spirit.

photo 2

By combining academic thinking with magical performance I have sought to challenge convention, create a platform for metaphysical plurality and bring edutainment into the lives of the Essex community. It was superb to learn of people’s experiences at Essex, the subjects they studied, their friends and their favourite professors and lecturers.


I have been at Essex since 1993 and it has been a wonderful foundation and steady firmament for an academic career that has taken me all over the world. The University was founded as an experiment with ‘fierce’ architecture filled with open squares, tall towers, and a research mindset that provides an extraordinary educational experience for all our students.


We continue to expand and improve the University (with the highest recruitment to date) while strengthening our commitment to excellence in eduction and excellence in research.

I am grateful for our newfound confidence and the popularity of our offer to students. Celebrating our history through magic gave me a great opportunity to reflect on my time at Essex (42% of its history as I mused last night) and look forward to a very bright future indeed!

I know it will be bright, I am a mentalist after all!

Then and Now: A Magical Celebration of Essex University at 50!



Then and NowThe University of Essex is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. The year launches on our Alumni Weekend 12-14 September 2014.

As part of the celebrations I have been honoured to develop a magical celebration of our history in a dedicated stage show with music, visual images, and a wide range of uncanny demonstrations of coincidence, synchronicity, precognition, predictions, and direct mind reading.

The show explores topics such as politics, math, history, and philosophy which are wrapped in a magic carpet ride of highly interactive fun. The show runs from 4pm to 5pm (public show) and again from 6pm to 7pm (for alumni). It will also be staged again in December.

The University’s Lakeside Theatre is the perfect venue for the show as it allows raked seating, a huge performance area, and state of the art audio visual equipment.

This potted history of such a special University is serious fun with an academic twist and enjoyable for all. Tickets are FREE and can be booked by clicking HERE.

In Praise of Christian Cagigal

He bustled into the chamber in his coat, hat, and scarf and carrying his tattered leather case. Evocative of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, he scurries about muttering about being late and begins to take things out of his case and setting them out on what is available in the room. Two small table cloths are draped over some furniture, a metronome is set out and turned on, a sand timer is positioned carefully on a small table, and an antique stereoscope is taken out and set on another table.


So begins the enchanting and emotional one-man show from renowned San Francisco magician Christian Cagigal. Entitled ‘Now and at the Hour’, the show explores a wide range of themes around time, deja vu, and our inability to achieve resolution and closure with our parents. The show combines inexplicable moments of magic and mindreading with deep reflection on a childhood growing up with a father deeply affected by the Vietnam War.

The staging of the show took place in Hitchin Priory in Hertfordshire as part of the 14th Tabula Mentis meeting of Psycrets: The British Society of Mystery Entertainers, an international association I helped co-found in 2007.

I met Christian on-line and then spent a day with him in San Francisco in April 2013, when I invited him to come to the UK to share his performance with us. The room was transfixed as Christian made us gasp, laugh, sigh, and fall silent into a deeper and perhaps darker moment of contemplation. This is the kind of magic that moves us, where the ‘tricks’ are a fantastic medium for a much larger narrative. This is no holds barred stuff.

The show is exactly one hour, and when the last grain of sand fells from the top to the bottom of the timer, Christian jumps up, gathers his things back into his case, puts on his coat, hat and scarf and leaves in a nervous bluster once again.

The show is a must see and has won a number of accolades across the US at various fringe festivals and theatres.



It was a true honour and a privilege to witness such artistry, and in my view, a quintessential exemplar of the new wave of performance magic that is making its way into the public.